Leadership Team

Executive Board & Leadership

  • Paul Bossidy, President FCA Foundation Board of Directors
  • Harriet Hanlon, President FCA Board of Directors
  • Irvin R. Jennings, MD, Executive Director
  • Janet Murphy, LCSW, Clinical Support Supervisor
  • Kevin J. McNellis, Director of Operations
  • Priscila Da Silva, Human Resources Coordinator

Team Leaders

  • Kathy Foley, Senior Care
  • Charlaine St. Charles, Child First/Outpatient
  • Caitlin Hodza, MS, Group Homes 
  • Robyn Hoffman, APRN, Medical
  • Gabriela Krainer, LCSW, LADAC, Adolescent Substance Abuse
  • Jamie Philp, LCSW, In-Home
  • Mindy Solomon, LCSW, Foster & Bio Care
  • Valerie Ventura-Saadi, LCSW, Child Advocacy
  • Jason Velasco, MD, Child Psychiatrist