Project Joy Virtual Training for Family & Children's Aid Employees

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This registration form is for FCA employees only. If you would like to attend from another agency, please visit:

Friday, November 13, 2020



Participants will engage in a virtual experiential workshop that includes a research-based explanation of the neurobiological implications of using expressive therapies. Through hands-on demonstrations of play activities using video and live activities, participants will immediately be able to incorporate these methods into their practice. Presenters will provide information about the neuroscience behind how play and movement can help heal children 'from the bottom up' in regards to brain development.



  • Break down how adverse childhood experiences affect brain development, emotion regulation & cognition.
  • Explain the neuroscience behind how those who have experienced trauma process information.
  • Understand how play can reframe trauma experiences, increase self-regulation and connect to a mind- body awareness.
  • Demonstrate how to implement a variety of tools in practice through hands-on interactive experiences

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