“I painted. It made me feel better. I thought it would help others.”

PeaceLove began in 2009 when cousins Matt and Jeff set out to create a movement the mental health community could rally behind. A movement that encouraged creativity, self expression, community, and storytelling. In 2015, PeaceLove launched their CREATORS Program, training professionals to use the PeaceLove workshops with their populations. Since then, PeaceLove has impacted more than 65,000 lives. 2017 brought the launch of our first PeaceLove Expressive Art Studio located in the Danbury Child Guidance Clinic. Since then, FCA has built PeaceLove Studios in all 3 of our clinic sites and several of our IICAPS offices.

THE CREATORS PROGRAM & PeaceLove Workshops

The CREATORS Program equips frontline professionals to deliver our expressive arts curriculum to their communities. Facilitators work directly with individuals, families, and groups throughout the country to help them achieve improved mental health and better quality of life through artistic expression. After receiving training, CREATORS deliver ongoing workshops consisting of visual arts, storytelling, sound, and movement with the purpose of providing new resources and skills to achieve mental wellness. FCA has 7 trained CREATORS throughout the agency.


As the global health community and world come together to face COVID-19, PeaceLove responded to these challenging times by harnessing their energy and strategizing how to make PeaceLove available in this virtual world. FCA became part of their pilot program to offer virtual classes accessible to the entire FCA staff. Below is information on how to register to gain access to the portal. 

Does this mean all of us are CREATORS?

Below is a visual that better explains the difference between being a trained CREATOR who facilitates full PeaceLove Workshops and gaining access to the Virtual Class portal. Our FCA CREATORS are here to support you and guide you as you utilize these Virtual Classes with your clients. Please feel free to reach out with any questions:


To learn more about PeaceLove, please visit their website at

PeaceLove Studios Virtual Workshops

Click here to access this training

PeaceLove Studios Virtual Workshops: Creating Peace of Mind for your Community

FCA is thrilled to offer our first ever VIRTUAL PeaceLove training opportunity. Below is the registration to receive access to all 12 PeaceLove Virtual Workshops - kid and adult versions. 
Come prepared to learn more about this new mental health tool for you and your clients and connect directly with Program Team at the PeaceLove Foundation. After completing this onboarding webinar, participants will have access to all 12 PeaceLove Virtual Workshops - kid and adult versions.

After submitting your registration, please be sure to read the confirmation page to obtain access to all the required training material and landing page to access videos.